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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Pants on Fire

Spitballs Against Terrorism

Always a bit Orwellian too see 'The President' talk about the 'war' on terrorism.

He was yacking this morning during the swearing in of Michael Chertoff as the new head of Homeland Security. I heard 'The President' make a reference to the 911 Commission and the role of first responders (poor cops and fireman were stacked on chairs behind him, props in an age of terror) even as this administration has CUT money for the training and support of those same people.

He also makes a fool of himself talking about how we have terror on the run and that Osama is still in hiding. That's a silly spin on how we haven't captured him yet.

1500+ US troops dead now in Iraq. Lost count of the Iraqi death toll.

But we have these terrorists on the run. Reassuring.


If you watch CNN like I do all day, it is easy to predict the story lineup for the last 2 weeks:

* latest death toll in Iraq
* Jacko wacko trial in California
* BTK killer
* random awfulness---missing children, murdered judge---fill in the blank
* Winter weather


And when oh when will they kill off Crossfire? Liar/tool Roberrt Novak is still on the air. Sheesh. And the show is a circus--a depressing, end of democracy circus.


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