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Monday, March 06, 2006

Live from the Brattle Theater

Academy Awards 2006!
Academy Awards 2006!,
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When you don't have a TV on Oscar night, the fortunate in Cambridge head to the Brattle Theater. It really DOES define an independent movie house. But on this evening, lucky ticket holders got to watch the proceedings on the big screen---with some wine, beer and snacks to make the whole thing festive.

Of course people were there in tuxes and gowns, glitter and high heels. There was booing (at Keanu and Sandra), heckling (at the Hummer TV ad) and laughter (at the awful musical/dance segment for the film Crash).

Mostly, though, the crowd was attentive, passionate, happy, enthusiastic about films. Not movies. FILMS. Cin-eh-mah.

Crash? Best film?


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