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Monday, March 21, 2005

Feeding Tube


I am completely at sea regarding that poor woman in Florida who may or may not want to die, who may or may not be aware of what is going on, who may or may not have told her husband what he claims she did.

Congress and the president must have the divine wisdom that others don't possess. That is why the president flew back from Texas at taxpayers' expense, woke up at 1:11 AM and signed into law a measure Congress quickly passed that only applies to this one woman. It prevents a feeding tube from being removed from her, whether she or her husband or her doctor prefer to do so.

My mother, who died 35 years ago, had a DNR--a Do Not Resuscitate order. My father had the terrible duty of instructing the doctors to follow through with that. That decision was between my mother and God, and my father and the doctors. It was awful. Thank goodness no idiotic congress or president, who are committed to 'life,' came near it.

The Risks of Mooning

I am sitting on a futon at my brother's house, their cat Lucy next to me. Lucy's mood changes in the blink of an eye: this morning in the bathroom she came close to surgically removing one of my fingers. And, she was purring.

Last night my nephew Christopher had finished his bath; his sister Ally was getting ready to jump in the tub. Chris saw an opportunity and took it. He pushed his bare butt in the direction of Ally's face.

For Chris there was hell to pay. Though it seemed to me he did what any 7 year old boy would attempt under the circumstances. Ally is not permanently scared.

I had a hard time hiding my laughter.

Applying for a Grant

Once again, Benjamen Walker exhibits his wacky brilliance: Listen


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