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Thursday, April 21, 2005

California Dreaming

Pinch me

The jet taking me to Oakland today seemed to skirt the velvet-green hills south and east of the city today--a breathtaking experience.

Hello from Berkeley and the Faculty Club at the university. Don't get all impressed, the joint is a modest Arts and Crafts style building. The rooms are spare with dark wood, reproduction Arts and Crafts furniture and a bad TV. But outside the many windows is a gurgling Spanish fountain in a courtyard. Should make for peaceful sleeping.

Been a busy afternoon here with the grad students as they complete their final projects. Leonie Sherman and I spent an hour or more in an editing booth reworking her script and audio for her story about Mah Jong. Jason is very far along with his Thai kick boxing story---superb sound, reporting and writing. And Rob Harris is flying overnight from NYC. He and I will tackle his piece as soon as he lands. We all have to hustle: we're pitching all these radio stories to KQED later Thursday afternoon. Wish us luck.

Sandy Tolan, the 'professor' and superb radio producer and writer, dragged me to a lovely French restaurant tonight. I didn't want to disappoint him so I ate like a cochon.

We Have a Wiener!

What an outpouring of guesses for the movie quiz below! Both Izzi and Kirsten weighed in with...misses.

But Kirsten reached into her 60s memory bank and after recalling the steps to The Frug, guessed correctly that the movie with the 'groovy' is Easy Rider.

Get yer motor running!

Memo to Scott McClellan at the White House

Put a dirty sock in your yapper, Scottie. He's a disingenuous sack of pooh, isn't he?


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