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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Missed him by that much

From TIME magazine in their interview with Porter Goss, head of the CIA:

WHEN WILL WE GET OSAMA BIN LADEN? That is a question that goes far deeper than you know. In the chain that you need to successfully wrap up the war on terror, we have some weak links. And I find that until we strengthen all the links, we're probably not going to be able to bring Mr. bin Laden to justice. We are making very good progress on it. But when you go to the very difficult question of dealing with sanctuaries in sovereign states, you're dealing with a problem of our sense of international obligation, fair play. We have to find a way to work in a conventional world in unconventional ways that are acceptable to the international community.

IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAVE A PRETTY GOOD IDEA OF WHERE HE IS. WHERE? I have an excellent idea of where he is. What's the next question?


"Until we strengthen all the links we're probably not going to be able to bring Mr. binLaden to justice." NOW he tells us. In order to get the man responsible for the bloodiest terror attacks on US soil we have to fix our intelligence and anti-terror efforts

George Tenet, Mr. Goss' predecessor, suggested fixing the CIA could take 10 years or so.

All this prognostication comes as the former members of the 911 Commission are publicly saying the Bush administration and Congress have not done enough to address the recommendations in their final report. We are less than 90 days from the 4 year anniversary of Sept. 11.


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