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Friday, May 12, 2006

From the Beyond Broadcast Conference

Beyond Broadcast Conference -- Listen and Post!

May 12 afternoon:

Investors like what they see in web 2.0:

  • growth

  • attractive models
  • -- "if they build it they will come..."
  • user value proposition
  • -- simple, effective, dynamic, entertaining and participatory
  • old biz models at risk/cash needs a home...
  • -- new, new media!

    Evaluating opportunities:

    Start up

  • team

  • idea

  • competition

  • time and cost to market

  • biz model not that important

  • valuation tight range

  • Later stage:

  • team

  • revenue

  • margins

  • growth

  • sustainability

  • visibility

  • .........................................

    Where else but at an Internet conference would you hear presenters refer to Karl Marx and to John Locke!

    This current panel is weighing:

  • how open to be: what content to let in, what content to aggregate and curate, what is the balance?

  • what is the effect on a brand of being open?

  • people rely on 'proxies' (Thanks Skip Pizzi, Microsoft) to filter their world. Can filters be open? How open?

  • May 12 morning:

    Observations and quotes...

    an embarrassment of niches... Jake Shapiro, PRX, talking about the potential of the participatory culture.

    there is not junk... Bill Buzenberg of Minnesota Public Radio/APM talking about the content they get from listeners through their Public Insight Journalism project

    global consciousness... David Liroff of WGBH, Boston, quoting Chardin


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