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Monday, July 18, 2005

It's Hard to Play by the Rules When There Are No Rules

Lying? OK. Convicted? Not OK

Finally the president has made clear what the standards are within his 'values' White House.

Yeah, I know he said that merely leaking the name or identity of a CIA agent would get a WH staffer fired. Maybe the reporters who captured that unequivocal statement on video missed the nuance-thing.

Because now the president says a WH staffer must be convicted for that person to lose their job in l'affaire Plame.

If I get this right, now the standard has been lowered to something pretty basic. Not just breaking the law, or doing something unethical, or something that reflects poorly on the behavior of the administration. the standard is you have to get convicted.

Maybe Michael Jackson and Robert Blake can be counselors to the president.

As cranky old Bob Dole used to say, "Where's the outrage?" Hmm, where is Bob Dole these days? I guess his outrage is only for Democrats.

Judy, Judy, Judy..

Judith Miller is still in jail. Karl Rove is still out of jail.

Brit Bombing

I had an interesting discussion with Kelley Griffin at Colorado Public Radio last weekend about the terrorist bombing story. She contends, and to some extent she is correct, that it was overplayed on the day it happened. "It doesn't make sense to have continuous news coverage when there is nothing new to report." Good point. We both agreed this was definitely a significant story. Despite some silly observations by a London columnist today, the fact is Britain was targeted for a terrorist attack precisely because it has been an in-step ally of the US in the invasion of Iraq.

Could we all have been better served by some pull-back, some reflection during the course of that day? News holes, especially 24/7 news holes, need filling.

CNN, MSNBC, Fox--a pox on your houses.

Robert Novak

CNN endorsed him strongly today. Then again CNN is part of the Time Inc empire, the same company that sold out its reporter Matt Cooper and handed over his notes to a federal prosecutor.

Big media. This time I think the ranters are onto something.


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