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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Getting to Know You (Know Who)

The First of Many

An angry Republican has begun pulling on a string that, if true, could unravel all of the nonsense the Bush administration has fed us about the 911 attacks.

Congressman Curt Weldon, who was simple a chubby media hog county commissioner back in the 80s, now claims that a secret Army unit (Able Danger---you gotta love that one) had identified Mohammad Atta and three of the other 911 hijackers as Al Qaeda members already in the United States in mid-1999.

But the Army decided not to tell anyone. Not the FBI and not the CIA.

Let's pause to consider:

* The US Army had a secret unit that somehow learned of a domestic security threat. Does that mean the Army was conducting surveillance or 'data mining' on residents of the US?
* Why wasn't the FBI?
* What happened with this information--and what has happened with all the other information about Al Qaeda in the US? John Ashcroft wouldn't shut up about sleeper cells in the US---are there cells? Do we already have an idea of who is in them? Do we already know where these people are?
* Why didn't the Army alert everyone in the chain of command to a direct threat in the US to national security? Remember, this would have been on the even of the millennium when everyone was worried about a terrorist attack on New Year's Eve.
* What the heck has happened with this information in the years since?
* Who knew what when--and why was this not shared?
* Was this information intentionally buried after 911?

That last question is one that is now bugging the members of the 911 Commission, the one that spent millions getting to the bottom of what really happened leading up to the terrorist attacks. Former co-chairman Tom Kean wants to know if his staff missed this information somehow or were facts deliberately withheld from the Commission.

Heaven forbid. Facts withheld by this administration? Nahh...can't be.

Oh, and the man who was ultimately in charge of setting up Able Danger was General Hugh Shelton who was, up until a few months ago, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff answering directly to...Donald Rumsfeld.


Let's hope congress, the press and others have the guts to keep pulling on the string.

There is a lot more 911 information out there that has been hidden. My bet is that there is proof American taxpayer dollars made their way at some point to Osama bin Laden. And perhaps that is one reason the Bush administration does not want him captured...or captured alive.


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