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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fog of Words


We don't know if [Judith Miller] will be the only one who suffers consequences from this investigation.
-- Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez on The Lehrer News Hour, July 26, 2005, commenting on the investigation into the CIA leaks.


It took more than a year but the PRX web site has been redesigned, re-tooled, upgraded and sped up. Check it out at

Quoting Now

The NYT cheapens itself by quoting me. But I am glad Open Source is getting some deserved attention.

From A Radio Program Turns to a Blog to Cull Ideas

"I think they're taking a really bold step," Mr. Barth said. Because of the program's interactive component, its benchmark of success might be less the number of stations that ultimately carry the program and more the online presence Open Source establishes."

Full NYT article (registration required)


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