Now Cough

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Thumpin'

...I thought we were going to do fine yesterday. Shows what I know. But I thought we were going to be fine in the election. -- President Bush Nov. 8.

Not one House Democrat up for re-election lost on Nov. 7.

Bush accepts Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation.

Webb takes the Va Senate race.

Democrats take the Senate.

Dems Take House

It's called payback, Karl.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Goodbye Darkness

William Styron died this week. Incredible writer. Overcame the grip of depression.

From The New York Times:

All his novels, Mr. Styron once observed, focused on one recurrent theme: “the catastrophic propensity on the part of human beings to attempt to dominate one another.” He speculated in a 1982 interview that this theme found him, as a result of being a young soldier in World War II, contemplating “the forces in history that simply wipe you out”:

“You’re suddenly a cipher — you find yourself on some hideous atoll in the Pacific, and if you’re unlucky you get a bullet through your head.” He added that “within the microcosm of the Marine Corps itself, you’re just a mound of dust in terms of free will, and I think this fact of being helpless enlarges one’s sensitivity to the idea of evil.”