Now Cough

Monday, May 19, 2008

China's Katrina

One week ago the quake hit rural China. The NPR stories have been fantastic.

How many dead?

A force of Nature. But unlike Katrina, no warning and then the hillsides and homes, shaken like being on the back of a dragon awakening. A science fiction scene of complete devastation.

How do people clean up? Where do they go to live. Where is the food and water?

What does recovery mean? Do people leave and move away forever?

Monday, May 05, 2008

Missing in Action

Where oh where is John Edwards?


The populist, the guy who talked to the working man is now...well, I guess at home in North Carolina. And if he wanted to exert some influence you would think as the campaign swings to who is fighting for the little guy, he would make an appearance for either Obama or Clinton.

So as the two remaining Democrats try to wrap themselves in the more-working-class-than-thou mantle, the guy who said he would never give up fighting for the middle class is missing in action.

After the North Carolina primary tomorrow night, how would his endorsement be at all relevant?


Muti to Chicago

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is getting a new music director and it is Ricardo Muti. Now, I am a cultural zero when it comes to classical music. But Muti matters.

I saw him a few times when he conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra in the 80s. He defines 'maestro' with a commanding and dramatic presence.

When he conducts, he chops the air with his arms and his baton. He walks with a bearing that is intimidating (some would say charismatic). Tight, controlled, passionate, forceful. Chicago is lucky.