Now Cough

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Times 'a Changin' in CWE

The best Starbucks in the country---certainly the friendliest --- is being rebuilt: all new windows, wall treatments, lighting and what looks like insulation. In the meantime the diligent crew is working out of a large tent.

If you have not been to Audi-K you have missed perhaps the next big trend: three years ago it was cupcake stores, now we have a hot dog shop. Not a stand but a hot dog emporium. This is a no frills place but the staff is always happy to see me and the choices are sort of mind boggling.

BCE, the Vietnamese place, two doors from Audi-K, now is offering hookahs. This place always looks empty; not sure why it would be because their food is really good.

Companion Bakery used to be on Maryland next to the parking lot. It vacated suddenly one day and rumor has it that Lester's is going in there. Doesn't say much for fine dining in the 'hood. The Coffee Cartel, though, is now advertising Companion breads at their place. A bit of an irony because I have heard of bad blood between the Cartel and Companion when it had a location one block away. I guess all is forgiven.