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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Beep Beep

Happy Anniversary Sputnik!

Where were you? I was taken as a 3 and a half year old to a parking lot of an Acme grocery store on Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington, DE. It was very dark and a bit spooky because the parking lot was packed, but all the lights were out. People were laying on their car hoods and craning their necks upward to the star filled sky---all looking for Sputnik. My little eyes only saw stars and I remember the frustration of not knowing exactly what we should be looking for. Like the old newsreels, you could see people with their arms extended pointing, looking for a moving little dot crossing north to south across the starfield. Did i ever see it? I can't remember THAT, but the evening and the gathering of hundreds of people in a suburban parking lot is what sticks with me!


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