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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Non Blog Blog

Here is an example of why NPR, at least certain parts of NPR, don't seem to get it.

The NPR News Blog gives itself a cut line of "Looking for news in unexpected places."

But, if the last few posts are any indication -- on the TV and film writers strike, Pakistan, biking, the London police's response to terrorism -- almost all of the news it links to is in expected places: NPR itself, the New York Times, The LA Times, The Guardian, the Baltimore Sun, the Washington Times, the White House (!)..the list goes on.

This is a non blog blog. Mainstream media. Stories you can find anywhere and everywhere. Alas.

For my money, this is a powerful news blog. I always learn something I didn't know or had not heard about til I saw it here. This blog reaches out to its readers to break stories, confirm them, learn more...

Why can't NPR's blog do that?

Heck, even the Gray Lady has taken bold steps in this regard.


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