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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Third Coast 2007

The annual gathering of audio producers is something like a film festival for the ear. You sit in packed sessions and listen to a lot of creative radio and sound designed pieces, some good some truly great.

We live in a largely visual culture, so Third Coast is an exercise in pushing one sense over others: listening.

So, this morning I sat in a room and heard the noted food critic Anthony Bourdain profiled in a radio story, where he talked a lot about his teenage experiments with hard drugs. And the tawdry, depressing story of how he lost his virginity. But what made this amazing profile so groundbreaking was the creative use of sound to ILLUSTRATE the stories. Kara Oehler and Ann Heppermann were the audio graphic designers who made this tale an experience of memory in sound.

My favorite term so far: 'evocative crap.' What is it?

You should be here.


Big congrats to Emily Botein and the great people at Studio 360 and Lu Olkowski, two of the winners last night at the Third Coast Festival awards ceremonies.


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