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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Muscle Mania

I had a trainer early on who told me all she ate for breakfast and it was intimidating---eggs, fruit, yogurt, milk, cereal, orange juice, water--the list went on and on.

But now that I have been training for about 9 months I understand. This is only a partial display of the foods I eat on the days when I see my personal trainer. Not shown: the water or iced tea I drink, the Advil before the exercise...and the amount of time it takes to make and consume this stuff.

On a typical Saturday I get up and start eating almost immediately: coffee, cereal with fruit, a protein shake (about 2 large glasses) and if there is time, an egg or two with ham and cheese.

When I get home, a special muscle-building protein shake with two bananas and strawberries.


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