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Friday, October 07, 2005

Novel Approach

Hack, Hack

Is there any doubt left that George Bush and his pals are hacks? How can anyone believe Bush knows what he is doing (I hate those B/W photo, 'insider' articles in Newsweek and Time that get rolled out every year where confidantes say 'The president hates people being late for meetings...' blah blah blah).

Iraq. WMD. Global warming. The hate mongering against the role of the judiciary. Tax cuts 4-ever. Terrorism and 9/11. Rove, Bolton, Rice, Hughes, Hadley, Cheney, Meirs. New Orleans and 'Brownie.'

The New York Times nails it today in an editorial about Bush's 'major speech' yesterday on terrorism, or whatever it was:

Ever since the terrorist attacks, the main thing Americans have wanted from Washington is a sense of safety. That takes more than hyperalertness to suicide bombing threats, important as that is. No matter what the terrorists are up to, it is not possible to feel safe if the federal government does not appear to know what it is doing on so many different levels.

Now, why did Bush want to give this non-speech so urgently? Again, from NYT:

A senior White House official said Thursday evening that the president's 40-minute speech arose from Mr. Bush's desire to remind Americans, after "a lot of distractions" in recent months...

Lot of distractions like New Orleans, falling poll numbers, etc.

Can we note the cruel hand of fate in this week's news, where Karl Rove has to head back to a grand jury to face more questions about l'affaire Plame and the man (from the UN!) who the administration denegrated (I know, we lose track of how many people were 'Roved') for playing it straight and accurate about WMDs in Iraq today got the Nobel Peace Prize.

That's gotta hurt.

Unless you are a 'war president.'

Bushie, you're doing a heck of a job...


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