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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Nothing to Sneeze At

Ready or Not. NOT

This is just ducky.

A soon-to-be-released Department of Health and Human Services report shows how ill prepared (no pun intended) we are for an outbreak of an avian flu-like pandemic on a global scale.

This is the sort of stuff that makes me feverish.

If such an outbreak occurred, hospitals would become overwhelmed; riots would engulf vaccination clinics; and even power and food would be in short supply, according to the plan, which was obtained by The New York Times.

This reminds me of about you?

Except, disease makes no distinction regarding race and class as the world discovered in the 1918 pandemic (which this week scientists traced back to an avian flu like disease that jumped from birdies to people...). More from the NYTimes grimness:

The plan outlines a worst-case scenario in which more than 1.9 million Americans would die and 8.5 million would be hospitalized with costs exceeding $450 billion.

Get your head around that: almost 2-million dead.

Get your head around this: Bush is still in office.

I'm staying home next week. I'm feeling sickly.


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